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Walking Floor Systems in Trailers

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    Walking floor systems are used in commercial trucking trailers to facilitate the loading and unloading of bulk materials, such as agricultural products, waste, and recyclables.

    What is a Walking Floor?

    A walking floor is a hydraulically-driven, horizontal loading and unloading system. It consists of a series of narrow, longitudinal slats that move in a specific sequence, allowing the load to “walk” out of the trailer. These systems are commonly used in the transportation of bulk materials because they offer a safer and more efficient way to unload compared to traditional tipping methods.

    Installation of Walking Floor Systems

    1. Selection of the System:
      • Compatibility: Ensure the walking floor system is compatible with the truck or trailer.
      • Capacity: Choose a system that can handle the intended load capacity and type of materials.
      • Manufacturer Specifications: Follow the manufacturer’s specifications for installation.
    2. Preparation:
      • Structural Integrity: Ensure the truck or trailer’s structure can support the walking floor system.
      • Hydraulic System: Install or ensure the hydraulic system is capable of operating the walking floor. This includes hydraulic pumps, hoses, and controls.
    3. Installation Process:
      • Mounting the Floor: Install the slats and secure them to the trailer bed.
      • Hydraulic Connections: Connect the hydraulic system to the walking floor.
      • Control System: Install the control system in a convenient and accessible location for the operator.
    4. Testing:
      • Test the floor system to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently.
      • Check for leaks or malfunctions in the hydraulic system.

    Repair and Maintenance of Walking Floor Systems

    Regular Inspection:

    • Hydraulic System: Regularly check for leaks, worn hoses, and proper fluid levels.
    • Slats and Bearings: Inspect slats and bearings for wear and damage.
    • Control System: Ensure the control system is functioning correctly.

    Common Repairs:

    • Hydraulic Leaks: Repair or replace leaking hoses and fittings.
    • Slat Replacement: Replace damaged or worn slats to maintain smooth operation.
    • Bearing Replacement: Replace worn or damaged bearings to prevent slat misalignment and jamming.


    • Regularly lubricate moving parts to reduce wear and ensure smooth operation.


    • Keep the walking floor clean to prevent debris buildup, which can cause malfunctions.


    • Uneven Movement: Check for hydraulic issues or damaged slats.
    • Jamming: Inspect for debris or misaligned slats.
    • Slow Operation: Check hydraulic pressure and fluid levels.

      Benefits of Proper Installation and Maintenance

      • Efficiency: A well-maintained walking floor system ensures efficient loading and unloading.
      • Safety: Reduces the risk of accidents compared to traditional tipping methods.
      • Longevity: Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of the system.
      • Cost Savings: Prevents costly breakdowns and downtime.


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