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Highway Angel Trucker Aids Injured Trooper

    tractor trailer trucker saves trooper

    Truck driver Gary Wilburn earned the title of a Highway Angel for his compassionate response in aiding an injured Arkansas state trooper trapped inside his vehicle following a severe accident.

    The Truckload Carriers Association recognized his selfless act and shared the remarkable account. On the afternoon of October 4, near Forrest City, Arkansas, Wilburn was navigating through heavy traffic at a reduced speed when he came upon the wreckage of a State Trooper’s vehicle positioned at the roadside. Unlike other passing motorists who neglected the scene, Wilburn did not hesitate to inspect the situation.

    “I spent over an hour stuck in traffic before I encountered the trooper,” recounted the trucker hailing from San Antonio, Texas. “I observed some alarming aspects—no one had called emergency services, vehicles were simply driving by, and nobody had stopped to assist him.”

    Wilburn, employed by Anderson Trucking, promptly dialed 911 to report his findings and took action to aid the injured trooper.

    “He sustained severe injuries,” Wilburn remarked. “His lower and upper legs were fractured, and he was trapped in a critical condition with extensive leg injuries.”

    Without hesitation, Wilburn remained by the immobilized officer’s side until the arrival of emergency responders, who subsequently airlifted the injured trooper to a nearby hospital.

    Wilburn, still deeply perturbed by the absence of other aid, was unaware of the accident’s cause. Nonetheless, he expressed his innate willingness to step in during such crises, stating, “I’m the type of person who rushes into burning buildings to rescue pets. When I come across situations like that, I can’t just continue with my day.”

    Since its establishment in August 1997, the Highway Angel program has recognized nearly 1,300 professional truck drivers for their exceptional acts of kindness, courtesy, and bravery exhibited while on duty.

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