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Truck Liftgate Troubleshooting & Maintenance

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    Efficiency is paramount in the fleet and delivery business, where time and energy are valuable resources. This is precisely why commercial vehicles and delivery trucks are equipped with a liftgate. These mechanisms significantly reduce the energy required for loading and unloading cargo, preserving workers’ stamina for essential tasks. Beyond efficiency, liftgates enhance safety and speed during loading operations, ultimately boosting fleet productivity. Proper maintenance and adherence to loading protocols also minimize the risk of cargo damage and worker injuries from heavy lifting.

    Indications that Your Liftgate Needs Attention

    Despite their benefits, liftgates often go unnoticed until they malfunction. Regular wear and tear during operation can lead to various issues, but fortunately, these problems are usually fixable and easy to identify.

    · Motor Failure: A non-functioning liftgate motor may indicate a faulty motor solenoid, broken switch, or wire. If power is reaching the motor but it remains inactive, replacing the motor solenoid might be necessary. Alternatively, a lack of power could signal a broken wire or switch.

    · Inoperative Platforms/Doors: If the platform fails to move despite the motor running, inspect the truck’s batteries. Power to the lock valve or lowering valve suggests a faulty wire, while no power indicates a defective switch.

    · Hydraulic Leaks: Fluid leaks from the hydraulic liftgate may result from damaged lines, hoses, fittings, or cylinders. Tightening fitting connections or cylinder power units can resolve leaks, while visible damage warrants part replacement.

    · Slow Operation: Check the hydraulic reservoir’s fluid level if the liftgate operates slowly. Low fluid levels impede deck height elevation, while proper levels necessitate inspecting the operational mechanism.

    · Unusual Noises: Liftgates should operate quietly, so unusual squeaking may indicate underlying issues. Applying specialized lubricants can prevent such noises, but persistent squeaks require professional attention.

    Additional common liftgate problems include jerky movements, slow descent of the platform, sagging doors/platforms, and incomplete raising or lowering.

    Maintenance Tips for Optimal Liftgate Performance

    Proper maintenance ensures consistent liftgate performance and longevity. Follow these practical tips:

    · Adhere to Manufacturer Recommendations: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for care, maintenance, and inspection intervals, adjusting preventive maintenance for frequently used liftgates.

    · Maintain a Checklist: Keep a maintenance checklist for each liftgate unit to track recurring issues and inform replacement decisions.

    · Educate Users: Provide comprehensive liftgate operation training to prevent damage or injuries. Emphasize safety warnings and discourage misuse.

    · Conduct Daily Inspections: Mandate visual and operational inspections of liftgates to detect issues promptly and avoid costly repairs.

    · Proper Storage: Store idle liftgates correctly to prolong service life and ensure operational readiness.

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