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The History of Service & Utility Bodies

    All American Sleeper has been in business for EIGHTY YEARS. We have seen the history and ingenuity of the trucking industry unfold as it happened. This Motortrend article is a very interesting recounting of the major developments of service and utility bodies for trucks over the years…

    How did service and utility bodies originate and develop? From regional workshop beginnings, the truck body industry has progressed to state-of-the-art production, and new trends are affecting the industry.

    As soon as light trucks started to gain popularity around 1910, people eagerly outfitted them to do the work formerly performed by horses and wagons, with some new applications thrown in for good measure. Routine repairs suddenly became much easier and quicker to perform, and the demand grew for specialized bodies to support these tasks. Coachbuilders who made the tricky transition to the automotive era laid the groundwork for today’s sophisticated and diverse truck-body industry.