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All American Sleeper Tractor Trailer Repair and Parts

ambulance paint job refurbishment

Ambulance Refurbishment

Body Work and Physical Repair Specialists All American Sleeper has a full physical damage service department to handle any type of collision, refurbishment or body repair to tractors, box trucks, cargo vans and trailers. We have TWO full size paint booths capable of handling all commercial vehicles. We specialize in… Read More »Ambulance Refurbishment

tractor trailer collision repair tampa orlando

Collision Repair: Addressing Structural Tractor Trailer Damage

Collisions on the road are inevitable, and when they occur, the resulting damage to a tractor-trailer’s body demands swift and effective collision repair techniques. Beyond the visible dents and scratches, a critical aspect of this process involves assessing and addressing structural damage. In this article, we delve into the methods… Read More »Collision Repair: Addressing Structural Tractor Trailer Damage

big rig body, paint, parts, refurbs in Tampa

We Get the Job Done!

Another great refurb from All American Sleeper. We do repairs and body work & carry a complete line of truck and body parts in Tampa Bay and Orlando, FL. In addition to our truck, trailer and chassis repair services in Tampa and Orlando, we are pleased to offer a wide… Read More »We Get the Job Done!

Trucking in Extreme Heat

If a tractor trailer is not properly prepared for hot weather, several issues can arise, potentially impacting the vehicle’s performance, driver safety, and overall operations. Here are some possible consequences you can encounter when trucking in extreme heat: Engine Overheating Extreme heat can cause the engine to overheat, leading to… Read More »Trucking in Extreme Heat

telematics in trucking

Telematics in Trucking

Telematics is the use of electronic communication to track and monitor the performance of vehicles and equipment. In the trucking industry, telematics systems are used to collect data on vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption, engine performance, and driver behavior. This data can be used to improve fleet efficiency, safety, and… Read More »Telematics in Trucking